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So there’s a lot to comment today!


First this letter to Richard Dawkins is hilarious.  Horray for Christians 🙂


I just bought a new camera 😀  The Canon EOS 50D.  It doesn’t come out for a week or two, but I will have one delivered when it does!!  It was very expensive.


Look forward to seeing me post lots of photography here in the future :).



Incase you’re unaware, Sarah Palin had her email hacked from people from 4chan.  Nothing much came of it, but there is some interesting discussion with some other hackers here.  


There was a good little over view of octopus here.  Something inadvertent, but pretty obvious to come out of it, that stupid statement that we need bones to move is obviously wrong (I remember being told that in primary school as well.  Why do teachers tell lies like that?  How do we move our tongues?).


There is also a good set of photos from the Artic in the 1800s here.  I’ll post a couple of my favourites.



I also liked these photos of the aftermath of Hurrican Ike.


Written by beast9

September 19, 2008 at 3:26 pm

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