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So it turns out, at least in the US, that people who play online games tend to be fitter than people who don’t.  Sounds like playing online games is good until you have a look at the figures.  The average US gamer has a BMI of 25.2 – which makes them officially overweight.  The average American has a BMI of 28, which makes them even more overweight.  One imagines that there is third group of Americans who don’t play online games, but play organised real world sport instead, who manage to fit into the healthy range of 20-25.  Not that I don’t play online games sometimes.


Speaking of games, I’ve been playing a lot of Braid lately.  It’s a pretty awesome puzzle game for Xbox 360.  It was developed independently too, so it’s cool that it’s getting so much press.


A pretty terrible report from Egypt has emerged, that found that 85% of girls between the age of 10 and 14 had been “circumcised.”  I find it so hard to accept views of cultural relativism when you hear reports like that.  I would be happy to see views that this kind of practice is wrong forced onto people if that would prevent it from continuing.  


Seed has released a new online discussion of peer reviewed scientific articles site.  Web 2.0 applied to science essentially.  Lots of interesting reading.  You can read a little more about it from The Economist, Although the article is a little optimistic I think.


I enjoyed Will Self‘s column this week in the Independent, and the Steadman picture of course, which is a good image to finish with.


Written by beast9

September 22, 2008 at 2:23 pm

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