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Monster Pigs and pirates

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While this story is rather amusing, I detect a definite dropping in the quality of news at ABC online this year.  I need to quote the story it is so amusing;


Monster pig holds woman hostage

A pig the size of a shetland pony is holding a woman hostage on a property in northern New South Wales.

Since when do journalists use such literary licence in their reporting?


There is some very cool research happening at MIT (US) in building a network of sensors in trees, that are powered by the energy generated by the trees (apparently a bit like how you can generate power from lemons and potatoes).  The research is aimed at fire detection and weather monitoring.   


As if the conspiracy theorists didn’t need more meat, the secretive Catholic organisation Opus Dei is spending $44 million USD on a biomedical science laboratory.  I hope the conspiracy theories take into account the alleged link between Opus Dei and Nazis.  


I really liked this image by the guy who created the popular Obama Hope image.



Jano Caro is amazing.  If you haven’t read her book The Stupid Country: How Australia is Dismantling Public Education yet then you need to.  Anyway I really enjoyed this article by her on religion in schools.  She’s also affiliated with the Secular Party of Australia :D.


I don’t really understand the law in the UK.  Some Greenpeace protesters were aquited of damaging a coal fired power station to the cost of about $76,000 AUD because the judge ruled that the potential damage caused by the power station in terms of global warming justified their actions.  Not that I’m saying that I disagree with their actions, it’s just a hard to understand legal decision.  I guess it also needs to be said that the damage they caused was just painting the word “Gordon” on the power station, which apparently costs a lot to remove (they must have made it really really big).  If you’re legally allowed to damage coal fired power plants because the damage they cause is greater than the damage you’re doing, why are they legal at all?  Not that I’m saying they should necessarily be immediately banned either – it just seems like there are two very conflicting views being presented by this decision.


Oh and finally, if you have facebook and you go to settings/languages you can change your language to English (pirate) and it rephrases everything in pirate speak.  Not sure if this is a permanent thing, or just hasn’t been removed from talk like a pirate day, but it’s cool in a retro geeky kind of way.


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