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A Space Elevator!! (and some other stuff)

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Japan has announced that it’s going to try and build a space elevator!!  Pretty awesome stuff.  I’m unsure if it’s really possibly or not, but $9 billion is a lot to be investing on potentially nothing.


Ever wondered how big China’s population is?  This map gives a better idea, with each province labelled with an equivalent sized country.  Initial source here.  


This is a little old now, but a really cool machine that’s been built that can essentially build itself (and pretty much anything else, so long as it’s made from plastic :P).  Unfortuantly it needs a person to do the actual construction, but maybe that will change.


113 new species of sharks and rays have been “discovered” in Australia!  Pretty exciting, although many are very rare and straight onto endangered lists.  One has only ever been found inside the stomach of another shark.  Here is one of the new sharks.



Interesting article by George Dyson (son of Freeman) about economics in the 13th Century! Ok, only interesting to a select group of people I guess 😛


Finally here is an excellent summary of the environmental positions of Obama and McCain.  I don’t think there is any doubt that I’d be a very strong Obama supporter if I were American.


Oh and my camera has arrived, so I’m pretty much going to spend the next month just taking photos and reading about how to take photos 😛


Written by beast9

September 25, 2008 at 11:13 am

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