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Apologies for a break in posts, I’ve been too caught up in other things.  Especially researching the economic crisis that has apparently hit.  I’m glad I don’t have any money invested in banks at the moment 😛


I’ve also been reading through the finalised Garnaut report, which you can find here.  It’s impressive in it’s scope and rationalism, although horribly interpreted by the media.  Just a few corrections.  Garnaut has never recommended a 10% reduction in emissions.  In both this report and the previous draft he recommended a 25% reduction.  However he also recognises that the level of our emissions needs to match global agreements because we need global agreements to solve the problem and he analyses the current political climate and tries to make a prediction about what we can expect to occur.  A 10% reduction and a target of 550ppm is not a recommendation, it’s a prediction.  He’s not saying that’s what we should aim for, he’s saying that’s what it looks like will actually happen.  It is amazing how many people have misinterpreted that part of the report.

Apparently it’s been snowing on mars!  I thought that was pretty cool.


It’s now been pretty much conclusively proved that glucosamine doesn’t work at all (for arthritis and joint problems).  I’m sure this won’t affect the market at all.


Stephen Harper (Canada’s PM) apparently plagiarised a John Howard speech, it has emerged.  What was he thinking?  (actually it sounds like a mistake by his speech writer, although he may just be the scapegoat.  There seems to be a bit of confusion from the Liberal Party though, as I’m fairly sure Stephen Harper supported the war in Iraq.


Written by beast9

October 1, 2008 at 10:18 am

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