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Addicted to buying books

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So the main way I express my materalistic consumerism is by buying books.  I probably own over 30 books I’ve bought in the last year or two that I haven’t read yet.  It’s pretty shameful but I just can’t help it.  Here were the ones I bought this week 😛

The Missionary Position by Christopher Hitchens.  Have wanted to read this for a long time.  Somebody was lauding her and I told them to read this, and then figured now was a good time for me to as well.

The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli.  I’ve also wanted to read some Machiavelli for a long time and this appeared somewhere on the website I was buying the books on, so I bought it 😛

The Digital Photography Book by Scott Kelby.  I figured a bit of professional advice can’t hurt 😛

Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad.  One of those books I feel like I need to read.  Also it was really cheap 😛

The Future of Life by E.O. Wilson.  E.O. Wilson is pretty much my biggest hero, and I plan on reading all his books eventually.


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