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So I’ve been a little lazy with posts lately; which doesn’t mean I’ve stopped procrastinating, just that as soon as posting in my blog becomes something I feel I should do, I start procrastinating from doing that too.

Firstly the best website on the internet.  You’ve probably seen the stuff about the spider already, but check out the other links.  Hilarious stuff.

This was also something interesting, although a few years old.  Basically a crazy academic become the mayor of Bogata and did lots of weird things that were very effective like hiring mime artists to control traffic.


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November 28, 2008 at 9:56 am

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Animals eating other animals

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Here is an awesome collection of photos via Zooillogix (my favourite blog).



Also check out this hilarious video.


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November 1, 2008 at 9:37 pm

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Apparently there is a positive relationship between war and number of zombie movies made.  I’m not completely convinced, but check out the chart anyway.

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October 31, 2008 at 8:57 am

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A bunch of interesting reading

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Sorry for a bit of delay between posts.  Have been too busy with study/work/touch football (I have 4 nights of touch this week :/).

Anyway here are the favourite things I’ve read lately;

Christopher Hitchens rightly has a massive swing at the Republican’s strong anti-science platform.  Anti-science seems to be all the rage these days.  In fact just recently the Tasmanian Premier, David Bartlett dismissed what actually amounts to over 400 peer reviewed scientific journal articles that show that logging forests reduces their carbon carrying capacity as “bullshit.”  In doing so he ensured that I will never vote for him any higher than just above the religious political parties.  It’s also interesting to note Bartlett’s view that emissions from forestry are not a big deal because they represent such a small portion of global emissions.  The same can be said for every single persons individual emmisions, all of us make an almost insignificant impact on global warming, and it’s only when you add up all those almost insignificant impacts that you end up with a very significant impact.  People in Qatar (the country with the highest per capita emissions) emit 0.0000002% of annual global emissions.  Using Bartlett’s logic they don’t need to bother doing anything about climate change either – and everybody in the world emit even less than them.

There is a good article about Richard Dawkins here.  He addresses some criticisms well and demonstrates that he’s a funny guy too (although anybody who reads his stuff would know that already :P).

Speaking of religion, there’s a interesting, but heavier, essay about it from Pascal Boyer in Nature.  Definitely worth a read.

Australia’s hopeless internet filtering policy

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Here are a bunch of links in regards to this.  I’d suggest you read them, and send a letter or email to your local politician and to Steve Conroy.  I sent one to my local MP, and he tried to tell me the policy had been “largely welcomed,” which is interesting when you look at the comments to the abc news online link (which are unprecedented in their agreement.   I’ve never seen anything close to that level of onesidedness in their comments.

The high price of internet filtering (ABC News opinion piece)

Somebody Think Of The Children (blog)

Interview from Internode network engineer

No Clean Feed (good website)


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October 24, 2008 at 2:07 pm

I found another popular myth to dispel

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This interesting story in New Scientist about sleep barely mentions it, but it turns out that in the wild sloths don’t spend the majority of their time sleeping, as many people will try to tell you, but actually sleep less than 10 hours a day.  Always happy to correct things!

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October 19, 2008 at 9:25 pm

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Addicted to buying books

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So the main way I express my materalistic consumerism is by buying books.  I probably own over 30 books I’ve bought in the last year or two that I haven’t read yet.  It’s pretty shameful but I just can’t help it.  Here were the ones I bought this week 😛

The Missionary Position by Christopher Hitchens.  Have wanted to read this for a long time.  Somebody was lauding her and I told them to read this, and then figured now was a good time for me to as well.

The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli.  I’ve also wanted to read some Machiavelli for a long time and this appeared somewhere on the website I was buying the books on, so I bought it 😛

The Digital Photography Book by Scott Kelby.  I figured a bit of professional advice can’t hurt 😛

Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad.  One of those books I feel like I need to read.  Also it was really cheap 😛

The Future of Life by E.O. Wilson.  E.O. Wilson is pretty much my biggest hero, and I plan on reading all his books eventually.