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Rage against Islam

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Let’s face it, Islamic values are significantly opposed to liberal leftist morality.  When I read comments from Muslims talking about how their law gives husbands who beat up their wives “a second chance” and “saves the marriage,” it makes me furious.  In the UK it turns out that due to loop holes in the law, Sharia courts have been set up that have been making “binding” decisions on criminal matters (as well as other matters).  It is unclear whether this really is legal or not, or whether it has the support of the government.

Law should not in anyway be dictated by religion and superstition.  If people want to follow whatever beliefs they have, that’s fine, but that’s a personal decision – people with different beliefs shouldn’t have a different legal system.

And of course the treatment of women under Islam is abhorrent on so many issues.

I’m generalising a little perhaps.  No doubt there are Muslims who don’t condone women being beaten up or their husbands just being told not to do it again as a penalty.  No doubt there are Muslims who think the law should be secular.  Let’s hear those “moderate” Muslims be fucking vocal about the other Muslims who are allowing this disgrace to continue.  These “moderate” Muslims have the most to lose from the image the wife beating Muslims are projecting.  They’re the people who should be doing something.



(Also I hate all religions, this post is about Islam because I just read the linked article about this particular issue.)


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September 17, 2008 at 2:06 pm

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